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Who are we and why do we do what we do?

About Big Paw Services

About Us and the Pets

Big Paw Services is a doggie
oriented local small business but that does not exclude us from caring for other types of pets.  We enjoy caring for all furry, feathered, scaled, finned or exoskeleton pets as well as some farm animals from chickens and ducks to horses and alpacas.  We have experience caring for, and training, pets professionally since 1998.  We hold to a strict code of ethics as our core values both in our personal and professional lives.

About Adir

Growing up on a farm in Israel surrounded by many pets, Adir, the founder of Big Paw Services, has been a compassionate animal lover since before he learned to walk. In 1998, Adir began his mandatory military service in the Israeli Defense Force and was privileged to join a classified Elite Unit as a their K-9 Specialist.  He studied animal husbandry, ethology, psychology (emphasis on behaviorism, cognitivism, constructivism, and toddler/children psychology), animal socialization, as well as various different [humane] learning theories and canine first aid. His in-depth studies triggered his passion further. 

After training dogs since 1998 for the IDF,  other companies, establishments, or government consultation gigs, in 2008 Adir decided to leave corporate America as a financial auditor to create Big Paw Services; a one stop, in-your-home pet care and dog training shop specializing in at-your-home private dog training, behavior modification, dog walking, and pet sitting.

When Adir is not caring for pets, or training dogs, he enjoying sharing his time at a local ski resort where he is the snowboarding and Children Specialist mountain trainer, full-cert (AASI level 3) snowboard instructor, and team coach and director of the Extreme Pink Team - a nonprofit race team focused on helping economically challenged children with the means to participate in the on-snow leadership race program where they gain valuable life skills to make tomorrow's leaders today.

Big Paw Services