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What is a Bite Diversion?

The Boulder Bite Diversion Program is sponsored by Boulder Police Animal Control and the 20th district Judicial System.  It was created as a means to help curb aggressions before or after they occur to give Boulder residence an opportunity to correct an aggressive or disruptive behavior before harsher measures are taken.  It provides the defendant an opportunity to show the court their commitment to changing their or their dog's behavior.

Big Paw Services are court appointed and
approved bite diversion evaluators and trainers.  Our task is to verify behaviors from a professional point-of-view to give defendants a fair and honest assessment for their dog's behavior from a professional expert witness.

Bite Diversion Evaluation:


- We come to your home for a one-on-one 
    consultation where behavior occurs

- We provide or verify preventive
management measures you should take to 
    help  prevent another altercation

- We send a personalized detailed report 
    of our conclusions
- Optional before and after video - It could 
    significantly help your case.

- Sessions last about 1.5 hours

Big Paw Services