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About Our Training Philosophy

We aren't limited to one or two "golden rule" training methods.  We will use any training method we deem fit and humane.

Much like people, dogs have different learning styles or preferences.  Some people for example are spatial or visual learners while others are linguistic or musical learners.  It will not do a student any good if they are spatial learners and the teaching focus is geared for linguistic learners. Similarly, limiting training to just one training method such as the click-and-treat method may not be the right approach to reach, teach, or modify some dogs; behaviors.  We modify the training to fit your and your dog's learning preferences.

Big Paw Services is proud to be the go-to behaviorists choice for the Boulder County judicial system.  We love to help anybody with their "trouble maker" however, we take great pride in the trust and belief our local judges, district attorney's office, probation officers, Boulder Police Animal Control officers, and Open Space all have in our trainer, Adir.   

Training Methods:

- Canine Psychology
- Learning Theories
    behaviorism, cognitivism, and constructivism
- CAT - Constructional Aggression Treatment
- Classical Conditioning
- Operant Conditioning
- Counter Desensitization
- Positive Reinforcement
- Pressure and Release
    psychological, not physical
- Canine Communication
- Doggie Employment 
- And of course, lots of love!

Big Paw Services