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Personalized humane philosophies and approaches

Behavior Modification:

- Completely tailored to you and your dog's 
   needs abilities and comforts

- Conducted privately at your home or
   nearby park where behavior occurs in it's 
   natural environment

- Learn the tools you'll need to continue 
   working with to modify the behavior

- Call or email us anytime for reaffirmation, 
   review, or refreshers -

- We'll work with you until we resolve the
   issues - we won't tell you it's hopeless

Fixing Problems Not Symptoms

What do we mean by this? In Many cases, trainers focus on the symptom; the negative behavior you are currently experiencing with your dog, not the root of the problem.  This approach may work at times, however it may not because it did not focus on the real issue causing the negative behavior in the first place.  We focus on where the symptom is coming from so we can better help you resolve and modify the behavior you are currently experiencing for a longer lasting "fix".

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