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Private puppy, basic, or advanced dog training

Obedience Dog Training

Puppy Training:


- Potty / house training
- Establish leadership and family hierarchy
- Simple commands
- Promote proper biting/mouthing limitations
- Create positive structure
- Establish rules and limitations
- Teach you the Do's and Don'ts of puppy
- Learn K9 communication skills

Basic Dog Training:


Besides focusing on basic commands such as Sit, Stay, Down, Come, Off, Leave It, Drop It, Play, Place, Out, Loose Leash Walking, etc., you will gain other valuable tools:

- Establish hierarchy by redirecting focus
- Establish your leadership 
- Build structure and routines
- Provide daily "doggie employment"
- Learn to communicate once
- Establish rules and limitations
- No jumping on you or your guests
- Appropriate barking
- Promote calmness and more

Advanced Dog Training:


Similar to basic training, with the inclusion of heel, with the main difference being most commands will be off leash.

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