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We provide a live-in appearance and preemtively prevent any potential damages or theft by professionally bonded and insured house sitters.

Just House Sitting / Watching

Paid Option:


We can come by as many times as needed to alternate blinds/curtains, lights, cars, water plants (indoor and outdoor), bring in mail, newspapers, and trash/recycling, and make sure blackouts didn't reset automated lights, sprinklers systems/timers, or other equipment.

We'll also make sure to flush all the toilets to protect from calcium build up and make sure there are no leaks due to lack of usage, faulty systems, or frozen pipes exploding.  We'll also take care of any other needs you may have.

Exchange Option:


If you plan on leaving for an extended period of time (over 1-month), we offer a live-in exchange program. 

By having someone committed to your home, it will provide you the peace of mind knowing someone is not only watching over your property and belongings, but also provide a real live-in appearance to ward off any theft.  The house sitter will also maintain your home and yard as well as provide first response to toilet leaks, frozen pipes, floods, or fires. 

In the case of a natural disaster, the house sitter will also do his or her best to save as many of your irreplaceable belongings (paintings, pictures, etc.) as possible and store them in a safe storage unit until your return.

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