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Maintaining your pets routines in their homes

Pet Sitting in Boulder Area


From 30-minute daily pet visits to +16-hour overnights, to 24/7 pet care service, we offer whatever type of pet care service you require.

The VIP 24/7

Daily Pet Visits

Cat Sitting

Pet Sitting Benefits:

- Prevents traumas or separation anxiety

- More economical than boarding facilities

- Undivided attention and affection

- Pets remain in their familiar environment

- Continual updates via email, text, or call

- Pictures of our adventures

- Other complimentary home services:
   - Maintaining your home
   - Alternating lights, blinds, and curtains
   - Watering plants
   - Mail and newspaper retrieval
   - Taking/retrieving trash/recycling to/from curb

Big Paw Services