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Providing you the peace of mind when you're away

Fully Bonded and Insured

What most people do not realize is once they are away from their home for more than a certain amount of days (48-72 hours), many home insurance companies many not cover claims caused by internal flooding from leaks or frozen pipes since there was no one home to catch the problem in time.  A Bonded and Insured pet sitter does not only care for your pets or home, but he or she also acts as your legal resident representation; proof that someone was at your home while you are away diligently doing their best to minimize or prevent damages as best they can.   

Being bonded covers claims such as lost or stolen house keys (our insurance will cover all lock changes) or stolen personal property such as jewelry and other valuables.  However, you having nothing to worry about regarding theft, we aren't thieves nor do we hire anyone with such a background.  Everyone working for Big paw Services goes through a criminal background check as well as a credit checks.

For more information regarding our insurance and bonding coverage, please visit the International Pet Sitters Association or call them at (336) 983-9222.  You can also contact the underwriting insurance company, Business Insurers of the Carolinas, directly at (800) 962-6411 for more information.  

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